Sick of agonizing over how much you should be charging for sponsored posts?

Introducing The Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit

This toolkit shows you EXACTLY how much to charge for a sponsored blog post!

Does this Sound Familiar?

  • You've poured your heart into your blog and have content but are not sure if you should even consider monetizing it yet.
  • You thought about pitching brands, but feel so overwhelmed on how to do it, that you end up just not trying to make money at all.
  • You're terrified of asking brands to pay you because you don't want to be rejected.

If you are nodding your head, I can tell you that this toolkit will help! And that it was created with YOU in mind.

I remember wanting to work with brands so badly and getting stuck before I even got a chance to pitch myself because the whole time I was wondering, "How much should I charge for a sponsored blog post?"

The great thing about sponsored posts is that you do not have to have a massive following to do it. But, you do have to know a reasonable price to pitch and how to ask for what your blog is worth.

After lots of research and some trial and error, I not only figured out how much I should be charging, but I developed a calculator to make sure I always pitch the right amount for any type of campaign.

And I came up with some other goodies that are needed when it comes to negotiating/defending your prices if needed and creating a page to make sure brands also come to you!

And it is all included in this Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit.


FINALLY know how much you should charge for a variety of campaigns on your blog including blog posts, social media shares, email blasts, and video creation.

Here are a few things you can expect to learn in this toolkit:

  • How to price Sponsored posts on your blog
  • How to price social media campaigns on your blog
  • How to price email blasts on your blog
  • How to defend and negotiate for what your blog is worth!
  • How to create a page on your blog that will attract more brands to come to you
  • How to present yourself as a professional when pitching brands
  • How to create a beautiful proposal with your prices (with a done-for-you template)

Total Value - Over $400!!!

Get Instant Access Today for Just $27!

“After utilizing the tools and resources from Jasmine’s training, I became more consistent with the time I put into my blog. I put out content and newsletters each week, and my email list began to grow, and one week I made $20 in affiliate sales.” 

Adrianne, Creative Chaos Coordinator Blog

Hi! I'm Jasmine

I started my blog Miss Millennia Magazine in 2011. And between then and now, I have learned quite a bit about how to monetize my blog.

Actually, it is one of my most favorite things to talk about! Want to know the first way I began to make real money with my blog?

It was from working with brands with sponsored posts! And even to this day, sponsored opportunities continue to bring in more than 50% of my income for my blog.

And I love teaching bloggers, how to monetize their blogs too! This toolkit is a great first step to doing that.

What Exactly is Included in This Toolkit?

I know that knowing how much you should be charging for sponsored posts is just one step when it comes to making money with sponsored post campaigns.

That is why this toolkit gives you EVERYTHING you need to start pitching brands and FINALLY start making money with your blog.

Sponsored Post Pricing Calculator

($225 Value)

Never worry about how much you should be charging for sponsored post opportunities again! With this calculator, simply plugin your blog stats and take a look at the price of the various campaigns you can offer!

How Much To Charge Brands Tutorial

($97 Value)

In this training, I teach you my method behind knowing how to price campaigns on your blog as well as how to use the sponsored post pricing calculator and the brand proposal template.

Work With Me Page Template

($50 Value)

If you want to make money with sponsored opportunities, you need to have a work with me page on your blog. This template shows you exactly how to create a page on your site so that brands come to you, ready to pay to work with you.

Brand Proposal Template

($50 Value)

Send your blog price pitches in style! With this brand proposal template, you can simply copy and paste the campaign prices from the calculator to this Canva template.

Sponsored Campaign Rebuttal Checklist

($20 Value)

When it comes to negotiating the price you charge for sponsored posts on your blog, you have to be ready to tell them all the reasons why your blog is AH-MAZING! This checklist gives you some ideas on aspects of your blog and yourself you can leverage when negotiating your price.

+ All together this is all worth well over $400!

"Jasmine is prompt, flexible, and thorough while bringing all of her tools to the forefront in each session."

- Kendra, Free Thyme Living Blog

"Jasmine is the Sponsored Post Queen and she literally gives you the tools you need to become successful."

- Crystallace, Crystallace Fenn Blog

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